It is known that a Bangladeshi is creating fake items that he sells in India. The covers are usually of topics that appeal to Indian collectors, such as Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Tagore, flowers and coins. There might be a a possibility that some of the items illustrated below are his products. He is not a stamp collector and creates the covers as a money making endeavor. If anyone has any information regarding such, please contact the author so collectors can be warned.
Privately Produced First Day Covers

INDIPEX, 12 - 18 FEBRUARY 2011

INDIPEX Logo - 12 February, 2011

Mother Teresa - 13 February, 2011 (View Photo Frame)

Rose (Flower) - 14 February, 2011 (View Photo Frame)

Gandhi - 15 February, 2011 (View Photo Frame)

Note that the show cancellations all consist of two lines at the bottom of the image. Because Gandhi collecting is a such popular topic, many private covers were made for the issuance of the stamps. It is easy to confuse the two cancellations on the private covers. The First Day Covers have a cancellation of only one line – 10-02-11, two days before the opening of the show in India.

Single Line Date of 10-02-11, the day of issue of the stamp. They are illustrated here as it is confusing without them being grouped together for comparison. (View Photo Frame)

Rotary - 16 February, 2011 AND Rotary - 16 February, 2011

Tagore - 18 February, 2011 (View Photo Frame)

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