Throughout the history of the Bangladesh Post Office various slogans have been created and stamped on the envelopes by the Post Office. This area of collecting is probably the most neglected topic to date and there is no official, nor nonofficial, list of the slogans. The few collectors who are interested in them often have no idea what time period most of them were used, including the year. Also the post office where they originated is frequently not known. Those who do not speak Bengali do not realize that these are slogans when they find them on covers.
The International Book Fair was held in Dacca from December 20 – 27, 1972. The marking was stamped on the back of incoming mail and is not a cancellation as there is no date in it.
No Date – “International Book Fair” in Bengali and English – This marking was used to stamp the back of incoming envelopes and was used for an unknown period of time. It has no date it and is generally found on the back of genuinely posted covers. A private cachet was also prepared for this marking and the cachet gives the dates of “20th Dec. to 27th Dec.” Since it was a “philatelic” cover, the marking is on the front and cancels the Bangladesh stamp.
1976 - Found on a mint postal cards issued in 1976. Not known when applied to the cards.
“Use Postal Codes”
“Use Metric System”
“One boy, one girl is enough”. This slogan has also been seen on a mint Postal Department envelope from 1985.
1979 - Found on mint envelopes issued in 1979. Not known when applied to the envelopes.
This image of a family and slogan is regarding family planning and is known in black and magenta.
Digging canels will reduce flood & drought
This slogan and image was applied to covers before the Census and is found on the front and back of some FDCs, as well as ordinary mail.
Two scarce philatelic covers, with a slogan in Bangla and English, encouraging people to participate in the First National Stamp Exhibition in 1984. The covers are canceled 12 April 1984 at the Philatelic Bureau in Daccaa.
1985 - Found on covers from 1985
“Please Support the President’s Relief Fund”.
The purple marking on this cover dated 3 June, 1985 reads “Please Support the President’s Relief Fund”. The marking was applied by a rubber stamp and done by hand. The reverse had a partially readable date that appears to be 4 June, with nothing else readable.
“Use G E P Money Order Service to send your money”
“Smoking on transports and in public places would be prohibited, 1991”
This environmental slogan was applied to the front of the 5 June 1992 World Environmental Day FDC. It was found on one of the envelopes with the larger cachet that was not used by the government. It was not applied to all the FDCs as another large cachet has been seen without the slogan. It is not known if it was applied to some of the smaller, approved cacheted envelope. To date, it has not been reported.
A “philatelic” cover (no address) created for obtaining the two slogans.

This slogan was found on a fake cover and it is not known if this is a genuine post office slogan.

This is a “Philatelic” cover created by a collector/dealer. It was not sent on genuine government business. The slogan with the palm tree has something to do with the environment. Allegedly two different environmentl slogans were used over several years. The cover is dated 14 December 1995. The line of text at the top says something about this being used on government business. Under the Experimental P.O. box at the botom (I have been told that it is not genuine) is the name of a person and his medical title. The circle at the left is regarding animal husbandry and the facility.
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