Dates of Usage: 1973 - present (?)

Stamps to cover the cost of passport or visa fees.


Ship design. Two different sizes exist – Only Tk.1 orange, 30 1/2 x 25mm on a white paper. It was not part of the initial order and that explains the difference in size. All the others are 29 x 23mm on a cream colored paper with the writing heavier in appearance. Many printer’s waste items have been sold as errors. They are on a variety of dark colored papers and often have stamp images printed on the back as well.
Printer: Nasik Security Printing Press, India
Quantity printed:
Tk.1 – unknown
Tk.2 – 1,243,850
Tk.5 – 530,068
Tk.10 – 1,536,458
Tk.25 – 524,524
Perf. 15 x 14
Earliest and latest dates of documented usage:


*Tk.1 – orange (A)
Tk.2 – light blue (B)
Tk.5 – light green (B)
Tk.10 – violet (B)
*Tk.25 – red (B).


The following images are of printer’s waste from Nasik, in India. They have images printed on both sides of the paper. Each image shows the front and back of each item.
Front and back of Nasik waste paper with full and partial imperforate stamps of the Tk.2 value.
Double imperforate blue stamp on back of Jammu and Kashmir Treasury Bond partial image, with India Security Press inscription.
LEFT: Imperforate and partial stamps with green Jammu-Kashmir green Treasury Bond partial impression. RIGHT: Imperforate and partial pairs of Tk.2 blue stamps on India brown Treasury Bond Security background.
Imperforate Tk.2 stamps on Indian brown Treasury Bond paper and the same, plus a partial image of the Jammu and Kashmir green Treasury Bond paper on the left.
The illustration above has the Tk.2 imperforate stamps on the front and back of the paper, plus an imprint of the Jammu and Kashmir green Treasury Bond that is printed on India Brown Treasury Bond Security paper.
Imperforate stamps and partials of the Tk.5 stamp with images of a Tk.10 stamp on the reverse.
Two examples of waste for the Tk.10 stamps with the same value printed on both sides.
An imperforate images of the Tk.25 stamp with images of the Tk.10 stamp on the reverse.

1980 (?)

Half circle with a more modern image of a sailing ship in the center.
Earliest and latest dates of documented usage:
29 December 1980.


*Tk.1 – yellow
*Tk.5 – pale green
*Tk.10 – purple
*Tk.25 – black
*Tk.50 – red.


Islamic style arched panel in the center with the numerical value and text. The numerical values are in Bangla numbers at the top and Western numbers at the bottom. Panels on the side state “Passport and Visa” in English on the left and Bangla on the right.
Perf.: 12 1/2
Earliest and latest dates of documented usage:


*Tk.10 – green
*Tk.20 – blue
*Tk.50 – brown
*Tk.100 – orange
*Tk.200 – red.

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