The above illustration is to help determine which set a particular stamp belongs to. In addition to the simplified descriptions above, there are differences in the font used for the word. Note that the second character in the third stamp has a pointed end on it (Pointing to the left), above the slightly larger dot. The one to the left of it has a slighty different font.
Dates of Usage: 1973 – 1982
Court fees were charged on a variety of court and judicial documents. The stamps, and stamp paper could be purchased from the Government stamp office or from stamp vendors.
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Large size numbers on the left side of the stamp. Design is 33mm tall.
Printer: Nasik Security Printing Press, India
Perf.: 13 3/4
Earliest and latest dates of documented usage:

The first Court Fee stamps, that were printed in India, are both taller than the later issues with a somewhat similar design, but they also have a different design in the central panel.

*10p – green
*25p – green
*50p – green


Large size number on the left side of the stamp, with the word “Taka” below it also large. Design is 28mm tall.
Printer: Werbwer Druckerei, Germany
Perf.: 13 1/2

Earliest and latest dates of documented usage:
12 January 1976.

For some reason all copies seen to date for the Tk.75 stamp have been a light green. This may have been a later addition to the series, or a different printing. It is unknown at this time if a darker shade of the stamp exists.


5p – emerald
10p – emerald
*25p – emerald
*50p – emerald
*75p – emerald
*Tk.1 – dull rose
*Tk.1.50 – dull rose
Tk.2 – dull Rose
*Tk.3 – dull rose
Tk.4 – dull rose
Tk.5 – dull rose
Tk.6 – dull rose
Tk.10 – dull rose
Tk.15 – dull rose
Tk.20 – dull rose.


Selected values of the Harrison stamps surcharged by the Bangladesh Security Printing Press
Earliest and latest dates of documented usage:


*25p surcharge on 40p stamp – light green
*50p surcharge on 75p stamp – light green.


Same design as above court stamps The number is smaller as the set above, but the word “Taka” is large as it was in the original long set of Court Stamps.
Printer: Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga, USSR
Perf.: 12
Earliest and latest dates of documented usage:

The Adhesive Court Fee stamps were distinguished separately from the Stamp Papers that were also sold for court purposes.

5p – green
10p – green
25p – green
50p – green
Tk.1 – brown-rose
Tk.2 – brown-rose
Tk.6 – brown rose
Tk.15 – brown-rose
Tk.20 – brown-rose.


New design that includes Scales of Justice on the left. The only denominations seen by the author that are printed in two colors are the Tk.15 and Tk.20 denominations.
Printer Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga, USSR
Perf.: 12

Earliest and latest dates of documented usage:
9 February 1988 – 2 August 1001.

Only the two Taka value has the Taka sign in the right panel, with the value as a number and a word. All the other stamps in the set only have the number and the word for Taka. Perhaps this value was printed later when it was realized there was a need for a two Taka value.

10p – color ?
*20p – blue-green
*25p – lilac
*50p – green
*75p – rose-purple
*Tk.1 – yellow-brown
*Tk.1.50 – yellow-brown
*Tk.2 – carmine
*Tk.3 – light blue
*Tk.4 – purple-brown
*Tk.5 – grey
Tk.6 – yellow-green
*Tk.10 – blue
*Tk.15 – claret and pink
*Tk.20 – dark brown and light brown.


Shapla (water lily) in the center with five wavy dark lines below it.
Printer: Security Printing Co., Bangladesh

Earliest and latest dates of documented usage:
5 October 1993.

DENOMINATIONS *Tk.1 – bright blue


Wider band around circle enclosing the Shapla (water lily). The denomination is only written in Bangla script which makes it almost impossible for non-Bengali speakers to determine the value.
Printer: Security Printing Co., Bangladesh
Perf.: 12

Earliest and latest dates of documented usage:
28 August 1994 – 25 November 1995.


*Tk.2 – pale blue and purple
*Tk.3 – pale blue and rose
*Tk.4 – pale blue and ultramarine
*Tk.5 – pale blue and magenta
Tk.6 – pale blue and purple
*Tk.10 – darker blue and pale brown
*Tk.20 – pale blue and olive.

A foldover of the upper right corner of the light blue and purple stamp. This is a genuine error, not printer’s waste.
This is the standard light blue background used for all the stamps in this series. This is printer’s waste.
The purple color is shifte to the left in this printer’s waste.
It has not been reported that this stamp, nor this series, was reprinted with any changes, but these two Tk.5 denominations are definitely different in color. The stamp on the left seems to have the wrong color of the cental circle and text.
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