None of the covers illustrated below have the Bangladesh logo of the Postal Department on the back, as they are privately created and printed cachets. These covers only exist in small numbers and generally are difficdult to locate. Private collectors created these for their own collections, with a few to sell, or trade. The exceptions may be the stamp exhibition covers as they would have been made available to the respective stamp clubs and their members, and at the shows.
The above cover was cancelled on the first day of Ms. Gandhi’s visit to Bangladesh (17 March).
Covers designed by Alhaz Salam.
17 and 19 March 1972. The visit of the Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi, took place on 17 – 19 of March. The top cover is cancelled on the 17th and the lower cover on the 19th. Note that the wreaths around the image are different colors. The cover for the 19th is also taller than the other one. The cover seen for the 18th is the same size and color as the one for the 17th.
10 April 1972 – Constituent Assembly.


24 February – “Bangladesh Philatelic Society, Philatelic Exhibition – 1973” in Bangla and English. This is an unusual cover as no special postmark was created for the show, but a Temporary P.O. was used to cancel the covers (DA-451). The rubber stamped, purple stamp was obviously privately created and also used to stamp the covers. The item above the cover was an insert inside of the envelope. Also note that the stamp is an overprinted Pakistani stamp.


30 November – “SIPEX – 75”. The stamp exhibition lasted from November 30 to December 4, 1975.


23 – 25 September 78- “Exhibition of Bangladesh Philately”. Cover is dated the 22nd of September.


1 January 1979- “International Year of the Child”. Cover is cancelled at Rajshahi.


9 October 1980- “11th UPU Day”. This is a generic cachet that was used for several of the Commemorative Postmarks.

12 December 80 – “FEBAPEC Exhibition”.


11 February 1981– “Commonwealth Agricultural Minister’s Conference”. This cover has a similar commemorative postmark in English, along with the one in Bangla. This is the generic cachet that is illustrated elsewhere on these pages in black.

The above set of covers with matching cachets all have different postmarks on them. A different one was created for each day. Note that the cachets read that the dates were from the 17th through the 19th, but the red cover has a cancelation date of the 20th.
17 – 18 April – “BANPEX ’81” with cachet for the 17th and a generic cachet for the next day.


18 February – “BAPEX ’82”. The cover is autographed by Al-Haj M.A. Salam, to whom this catalog is dedicated. The exhibition was from the 18th to the 20th of February, 1982.
This cover is illustrated only for interest sake. It is not a cover that would be part of the Special Postmark listing. The cover was sent to me by Shaheen Salam, the son of Haj M.A. Salam. He created ad commemorative cachet for the cover and had it canceleld during the issuence of a U.S. Stamp.

29 October – 4 November 1982- “United Nations Stamps Exhibition”.

21 December 1982 – Bangladesh-Soviet Stamps Exhibition and First Decade of Diplomatic Relations between Bangladesh and the USSR and 60th Anniversary of Formation of the USSR. Another cover using the generic cachet.


22 – 24 April 1983- “Philex 83”. These covers are dated April 22 and 23. The cancellation for the 24th is not illustrated.


9 October 1984- “World Post Day 1984” with the generic cachet.


13 March 1988- “Fellowship Through Service” – 20 Years of Rotaract.


24 October 1991- “40th Anniversary of the UNPA”. Oddly the cancellation reads “First Day of Issue,” even though there was no stamp issued on that date.


13 – 15 March 1992- “ROTAPEX – 92”, for the exhibit that lasted from the 13th to the 15th of March. See the Table of Contents for Special Postmarks that would cover the year 1992, to see the three different cancellations used at the show.


31 October 1994- First flight from Dhaka, Dubai, to Amsterdam. While this cover does not have a printed cachet, the person creating it used an AIR MAIL envelope with an image of an airplane (in red), the envleope also has a large faint airplane in the center, and he used an airplane theme stamp. He also used red ink for the cancellation., which matched the red airplane in the upper left corner and the red on the envelope.


31 December 1995 – “Centenary of the Cinema”.


1 October 1996- “MUKTIPEX-96”.


17 February 1997- “3rd SAARC Cricket Tournament 1997”. Two different private cachets for this event, with both of them portraying the central image of the cancellation.

14 July 1997- “6th ASIA CUP CRICKET 97” in English.


29 July 2001 – 30th Anniversary of the 1st Postage Stamps.


9 October 2002 – World Post Day 2002. Two different cachets for this event. Note that the person creating the upper cover create a cachet related to the design of the postmark, and the bottom cachet included “Special Postmark Cover” at the top of the design.


21-24 April – “World Stamp Expo., Sydney, Australia”. This envelope was used for all the cancellations at the show.
19 – 24 August – “Taipex 2005, 18th Asian International Stamp Exhibition”. This envelope was used for all the cancellations at the show.


29 July 2006- “Celebrating 35th National Stamp Day”. This cover was designed by Mr. Anowarul Quadir.


27 August 2007 – “20 Years of PAB” (Philatelic Association of Bangladesh).


5 February 2010 – This attractive cover has a cancellation from the Bangkok show. It is a visually appealing cover with the cachet, cancellation and stamps all of the same subject. See 27 April 2014 listing on the “Fake and Questionalbe Items of Bangladesh” page for a similar cachet with the text above and below the bird changed.

7 October 2010- Portugal show cancel. This cover exists with each of the four stamps of this butterfly issue from 3 December 1990.

9 October, 2010 – Portugal show cancel.


25 February 2010- This cachet is printed on a white card and is in memory of the philatelist Istiaque Ahmad Khan.

5 May 2010- This item has the cancellation for 5 May 2010 Bangkok show.


14 February 2011- Although this was an INDIPEX cancellation, covers exist with cachets for Valentine’s Day. All of the stamps in the rose set can be found on these covers.


12 December 2012 – “12.12.12” Two privately produced cachets for the Special Postmark.


While it appears that there are only two designs for the covers above, there are little differences between them such as background colors and the word “Open” on some of the covers. Since the Postal Department did not provide any envelopes with cachets, even though Mushfiqul Haque designed one, these were created by Ansar Uddin.
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