The folders are of two sizes. The larger, which appears to be the older of the two sizes is from 29.8 to 30.3 x 11 cms. (The genuine folders are 29.8 x 10.2 cms.)
The smaller folders are 26.8 x 9.8 cms (The genuine smallers folders are the same)

The larger fake folders are a smooth shiny paper with some being glossier than others and there appears to be two shades of white, with one being creamier in color. (The genuine folders seen to date are all on the glossy paper but this could change as more copies are examined)
The small fake folders are largely made on a ribbed, high quality paper but are also found on a smooth white paper. The ribbed folders can be found in slightly varying shades of white. (The genuine folders seen to date are on the same high quality ribbed paper as the fakes, but this could change as moe copies are examined).

This image of the inside of a folder was digitally cleaned up and the English translation added.

In the above folder you will see on the left the description written in Bangla. To the right the imperforate stamp and written in English “Approved” and a signature below it in Bangla. To the right, the Bangla printed “APPROVED* text has a check mark made on it. This checking of the “Approved”, or “Not approbved” text was not done on many of the fake and genuine folders. Below that are four lines rubber stamped in English.

DESCRIPTION ON LEFT: Bangla is written so that it appears that most of the tops of the figures are in alignment, with a few markings above the line, therefore it appears to “hangs” below a line. The illustrated folder above has it above the dotted line. In the majority of the small fake folders, it is written above the dotted line. In the larger fake ones it is written above and below. In the genuine folders, the majority have the description written below the dotted like, but a few are found with it above it.

APPROVED or NOT APPROVED: On the genuine folders this would not be written in English with a signature in Bangla. There are a few fakes with the signature written in English as well. The genuine folders seen to date do not have this comment, nor a signature. This is found written with a pen or a ballpoint pen in black, blue and green ink. It was even printed on some folders, rather than in script. Often the two choices (in Bangla, under the stamp) is left blank or checked. Ironically many of them have “Approved”, but the Bangla “Not Approved” checked, or just the opposite, with it stating “Not Approved” and the Bangla “Approved” checked.

SIGNATURE: In the fake covers the signature is found in ink and ballpoint pen. The colors are blue, black and green. Often it is obvious, even though the name is the same, that it was written by someone else. In two instances they listed directors after Mr. Sanullah was relieved of his duties, and another name is that of a person who was never Director.

RUBBER STAMPED 4 LINES OF TEXT: On the fake covers it can be found in English or Bangla and either purple or black. The genuine covers do not have this in either language. However I do believe I have seen one folder and it did have the rubber stamped text but it said “Stamps”, rather than “Stamp”. The ones on the cards in Bangla state that Sheikh Mohammed Sanaullah is the Director.

19 July 1996 - Olympic Games ATLANTA
Fake Specimen for Approval Folders
29 June 1996 - Micheal Madhusadan Dutt
The magenta rubber stamp impression is faint on this folder.
15 August 1996 - Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman
3 November 1996 - Jail Martyrs
An imperforate block of four of the stamps was cut to fit on the folder. The stamps used were not accepted as the yellow text at the bottom was issued with it changed to red.
11 December 1996 - 25th Anniversary of UNICEF
16 December 1996 - 25th Anniversary of Victory Day
18 February 1997 - 50th Death Anniversary of Paul P. Harris
7 March 1977 - In Memory of Historic Speech of 7th March 1971
The stamp used on this folder was an unaccepted design as the vertical blue text on the right side and bottom of the stamp was red in the issued stamp.
7 March 1977 - In Memory of Historic Speech of 7th March 1971
The above folder has the rubber stamps four lines in Bangla, which states Sheikh Mohammed Sanaullah is the Director. The English rubber stamp does not mention his name.
10 April 1997 - Livestock of Bangladesh
26 June 1997 - Paintings of Bangladesh (2nd Series)
4 September 1997 - 6th ICC Trophy Champion Bangladesh
The above two examples used imperforate stamps that were not accepted as the text was too small. They are essays. The top image has the word “Not” on the portion of the folder folded back and out of sight.
Another unaccepted design due to the text at the top and right side still not being large enough.
The final design that was accepted. The red text is larger still.
4 September 1997 - Archaeological Relics of Bangladesh (Mosques)
Folders for The Security Printing Corporation (Bangladesh) Ltd.
This folder is smaller than the first one used for the stamps than those listed above. These folders, when unfolded, measure approximately 26.8 x 9.8 cms. This size folder is found with two textures of paper. The back of the folder is blank and the printing on the inside pages, when it is opened, are shown below.
18 March 1999 - Definitive 60 Domed Mosque
The stamp on this folder is also a forgery.
13 May 1999 - ICC Cricket World Cup England
31 August 1999 - Definitive
The stamp on this folder is a forgery. The margins on the example are so wide it is obvious that this was not printed in a sheet of stamps as part of the margins of the surrounding stamps would show. Additionally the panel with “Curzon Hall” in it is not the same as the issued stamps. Part of the upper right corner is missing above the “ll” of “Hall”. The signature is not of any Director.
5 September 1999 - Mother Teresa
This folder has a totally different signature.
13 September 1999 - 25 Years of Bangladesh in the UN
This folder has the signature of someone who was not the Director.
The above two designs were not accepted as the text was in red. Note the totally different signatures and that one is in English and the other in Bangla.
27 September 1999 - Shaheed Mohammad Muizuddin
1 October 1999 - International year of Older Persons
This folder has the signature of a man who was not even in the position to authorize the stamps at this time. He was Director later – Mr. Rabindranath Das.
4 October 1999 - World Habitat Day
9 October 1999 - 125th Anniversary of the Universal Postal Union (UPU)
22 November 1999 - Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose
This folder even has a date written in it. The signature on the folder is R. N. Das, who was a Director after these were made.
1 January 2000 - Millennium
Although this date is 2000 and therefore outside the period in question, the stamps were approved and printed in 1999. The name on the folders is Jakir Hosain.
Revenue Stamps
A folder with a counterfeit revenue stamp. This folder and stamp were created by the same collector/dealer.
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