Echo’s Phila House appears to be an entity focused on serving the philatelic community in Bangladesh. They likely engage in various activities to support and promote stamp collecting among collectors in the country. Here are some possible ways Echo’s Phila House could work for the Bangladesh collectors’ community:

1. Organizing Exhibitions: They may organize philatelic exhibitions and events where collectors can display their collections, exchange stamps, and interact with fellow enthusiasts.

2. Education and Outreach: Conducting workshops, seminars, or educational sessions to educate collectors about philatelic history, techniques, and collecting best practices.

3. Publication of Philatelic Materials: Producing newsletters, magazines, or digital content related to philately in Bangladesh, featuring articles, news, and updates for collectors.

4. Facilitating Trading and Sales: Providing a platform or events where collectors can buy, sell, or trade stamps and philatelic items.

5. Advocacy and Representation: Representing the interests of Bangladesh collectors in national and international philatelic organizations or forums.

6. Collaborations and Partnerships: Collaborating with other philatelic societies, postal authorities, or cultural organizations to promote stamp collecting and philatelic culture in Bangladesh.

7. Special Projects: Undertaking special projects such as commemorating historical events through stamps, promoting local artists through stamp designs, or preserving philatelic heritage.

Echo’s Phila House, through these activities, contributes to fostering a vibrant and engaged collectors’ community in Bangladesh, enriching the hobby of stamp collecting and preserving postal history.

1st International Virtual Matchbox & Label Exhibition review on Match Label News, February 2021
Personalized Stamps
First International Virtual Matchbox and Labels Exhibition 2021.
Sponsored by – Echo’s Phila House.


Independencepex-2021 (স্বাধীনতাপেক্স-২০২১), a 15 days long Virtual Philatelic Exhibition (26 March- 9 April 2021) organized by Philatelic Society of Bangladesh, supported by Ministry of Post and Telecommunication, Govt. of Bangladesh.

The prize-giving ceremony of INDEPENDENCEPEX 2021 (March 26 – April 09 2021) Virtual Philatelic Exhibition 2021 (Club Level) hosted by Philatelic Society of Bangladesh and supported by the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication, Government of Bangladesh held at Kachiwala Restaurant, New Elephant Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh on 28 September 2021.
Mr. Akbar Husain (President, Philatelic Society of Bangladesh) and Mr. Ahsan Habib (renowned cartoonist and Editor of Unmad Magazine) were presented there as Chief Guests. Other prominent Philatelists and Philatelic Personalities from Dhaka and around the country also took part in the program. Independencepex 2021 prize sponsor by Echo’s Phila House. 

Jubileepex 2021 International Friendship Virtual Philatelic Exhibition 2021

The inauguration ceremony of the Jubileepex 2021 International Friendship Virtual Philatelic Exhibition took place on September 28, 2021, at 2:30 pm Bangladesh Standard Time. The event was hosted on the Zoom virtual meeting platform and featured several distinguished guests and participants.

Distinguished Guests:
1. Chief Guest: Mustafa Jabbar, Honorable Minister, Posts and Telecommunications Division.
2. Special Guest: Md. Siraz Uddin, Director General, Directorate of Posts, Bangladesh Post Office.
3. Special Guest: Biman Chand Mullick, Renowned artist, social activist, marathon runner, and writer.

Meeting Moderator:
– Muhammad Akbar Husain, President, PSB & Retired Additional Secretary.

– The event saw the participation of 178 individuals from 16 different countries across various continents. These participants included philatelists, officials from the Bangladesh Post Office, and philatelic organizers from Bangladesh.

Special Commemorative Items:
– To mark the occasion, the Bangladesh Post Office released a special cover and a special postmark. Both of these commemorative items were officially inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Mustafa Jabbar.

The virtual inauguration ceremony not only celebrated the opening of the International Friendship Virtual Philatelic Exhibition but also highlighted the global participation and collaboration in the field of philately. Echo’s Phila House sponsored those events.

Special Cover Issued by Bangladesh Post Office on 28 September 2021, backside cover on Echo’s Phila House official logo (Echo’s Phila House hosted Jubileepex 2021)

Khulna Collector's Show 2023

The Khulna Collectors Show 2023 was held on January 26–28, 2023, and was arranged by the Khulna Collectors Society in Bangladesh. Numerous collectibles were on display at this event, including coins, postage stamps, banknotes, and antiques such as old cups, radios, cameras, music players, books, statues, jewellery, telefins, cassar/silver furniture, terracotta plaques, medals, lock-keys, and documents dating back a century.

Hundreds of people attended the show, which was a major gathering place for collectors, both domestic and foreign. It gave collectors a forum to discuss and admire different collections, reflecting the diversity of cultures and eras represented in the objects on show.

The Khulna Collectors Show 2023 sponsorship by Echo’s Phila House demonstrates their dedication to promoting both the philatelic and larger

PAB Philatelic Tour 2023

The Philatelists’ Association of Bangladesh (PAB) organised a Philatelic tour on February 4, 2023. This tour commenced at Bangabandhu’s Mausoleum in Tongipara, Gopalganj, suggesting a focus on exploring historical and philatelic sites related to stamps and postal history in Bangladesh.

Such tours are valuable for philatelists as they can visit important landmarks, engage in discussions about philately, and potentially attend exhibitions or presentations related to stamps and collections. The sponsorship by Echo Phila House indicates their support for the philatelic community in Bangladesh, which often involves financial or logistical assistance to organise events, provide materials, or facilitate activities that promote stamp collecting and philatelic knowledge.

Philatelic tours like this are instrumental in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of a country’s philatelic heritage among collectors and enthusiasts. They also contribute to preserving and promoting the cultural and historical significance of stamps and postal artifacts within the community.

Engineer Omar Faruk designed the commemorative mug on the occasion of PAB’s Philatelic Tour 2023.

Philatelic Journey 2023

The Varendra Philatelic Society, based in Rajshahi, organized a significant philatelic journey on February 17, 2023, in Bangladesh. The tour commenced from Rajshahi and included notable stops such as Sompura and Kusumba Mosque in Naogaon. This tour likely aimed to explore philatelic sites, possibly including historical places related to stamps or postal history, and may have involved discussions or exhibitions related to stamps and collections.

Echo Phila House’s sponsorship of this journey indicates their support for the philatelic community in Bangladesh. Such sponsorships typically help organise events, provide materials, or facilitate activities that promote stamp collecting and philatelic knowledge among enthusiasts. It also underscores their commitment to promoting and preserving Bangladesh’s philatelic heritage.

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