Due to the fact that there are no known official lists of the revenue (fiscal) stamps of Bangladesh, all of the varieties, denominations and colors are not known at this time. The stamps listed in this catalog that have been seen by the author as the actual stamps, or in photographs, are preceded by an asterisk (*). Therefore, it is known that these denominations and colors exist and are correct. The problem is that with thousands of colors, they can be described differently. My descriptions are fairly basic and collectors should be able to determine which stamp in the set is being described. If you know of other denominations (values) or can help document the colors, please contact the author. There may be denominations listed in this catalog (That do not have an asterisk next to them), and in the Barefoot catalog, that do not actually exist. We would like to document what stamps were officially issued and record any SPECIMENS, essays, proofs, etc. that are known. All missing, or corrected information, will be shared with Mr. John Barefoot, the author of the Barefoot British Commonwealth Revenue Stamps catalog, as he was the first to publish a listing on these stamps in the Commonwealth catalog.

Please be aware that because a stamp is not illustrated, nor mentioned in this catalog, does not mean that it is scarce, or rare. It is just that it has not yet been seen by the author. Many more stamps will undoubtedly be added as time passes.
NOTE: The dates of first and last dates of usage is a new part of the catalog. It only represents at this point what the author has seen. If your dates are earlier, or later, please let him know so it can be recorded. This is one way of helping document approximately when the stamps were issued.

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