There is an inner circle of pale green around the Scout emblem of the block on the left that does not show in this scan. In the block on the right, it is so light it appears to be missing. Also, the red is much lighter in the block on the right.

The top cancelation is a generic FDC cancelation from Dacca. The middle cancellation is from Camp Post Office, Mouchak, Dacca, and has a slogan in Bangla.The one is from Chittagong and states in English, “First Bangladesh Scout Jamboree.”

Note that the vertical Bangla printing on the left side of the bottom left stamp is darker than on the other three stamps

While this is not an error, the purple color shift to the left is eagerly sought after by collectors.

78-1 40p Campfire, tent and Scout emblem – multicolored
a. green circles very light and appear missing and red is lighter
78-2 TK.3.50 Emblem, first aid, signaling – multicolored
a. shade of red is lighter and inner circle of green faint
78-3 Tk.5 Scout emblem and oath – multicolored
a. black printing of Bangla is thicker on the left side of the stamp (plate variety in each sheet)
3 stamps
CCMs: Yes (Separate from plate number on 40p and Tk.5 values – Vertical stamps)
Plate #: 1B
Sheet: 50
Quantity printed: 150,000 of each value (A quantity of the Tk.5 value was later overprinted for the 29 December 1985 3rd Bangladesh Scout Jamboree issue)
Designer: Art & Beauty, Dacca.
Printer: Harrison & Sons Ltd., England
FDC: Yes. Three different postmarks: 1) Commemorative postmark with only English in the lines to the right, 2) Bangla and English in the lines to the right, 3) Generic First Day of Issue postmark
Pmks.: Chittagong (Also found with individual stamps on covers from Chittagong), Dacca
Insert: Gray card stock, printed in black. The insert has the wrong year and states “1973”.

Additional: At this time it is not known what cancellations exist for what cities, other than those illustrated above.

ote that the vertical Bangla printing on the left side of the bottom left stamp is darker than on the other three stamps.
A typical Proof Card of any stamp printed by Harrison and Sons, Limited. Such cards are very scarce.

This is the largest of any of the Post Office logos printed on the back flap of the FDC envelopes.

78-4 40p Champa – multicolored
a. missing all colors except light blue and green
78-5 Tk.1 Pudding pipe tree – multicolored
78-6 Tk.2.25 Flamboyant tree – multicolored
78-7 Tk.3.50 Water lilies – multicolored
a. design at bottom of right corner is not straight due to broken plate – a constant variety in position XX of each sheet.
b. Shift in black
78-8 Tk.4 Butea – multicolored
78-9 Tk.5 Anthocephalus indicus – multicolored
6 stamps
CCMs: Yes
Plate #: 1A
Sheet: 50
Quantity printed: 150,000 of each value (30,000 of each value was later overprinted for the 16 May, 1985 Upa-Zila Election issue)
Photographers: Dr. Nawazish Ahmed and S.S. Barua
Printer: Harrison & Sons Ltd., England
FDC: Yes. Commemorative postmark
Pmks.: Chittgong, Dacca

Additional: There is a plate variety in stamp number 49 of the Tk.3.50 value where the bottom right of the plate is not straight. This issue has the largest Post Office printed logo used to date on the flap on the back of the envelope.

The cover above, from Chittagong, is missing the color purple in the cachet. Several FDCs of this issue, from Chittagong, are known missing the purple.

Only two or three copies of the souvenir sheet missing the tan background are known.
Rare imperforate SS of this issue. Only two copies are known.

78-10 40p Crown, scepter, etc. – multicolored
78-11 Tk.3.50 Royal family on balcony – multicolored
78-12 Tk.5 Queen and Prince Phillip
78-13 Tk.10 Queen at Westminster Abbey

78-1ss Tk. 18.90 Perforated souvenir sheet with the four stamps
a. imperforate
b. missing tan color in frame
4 stamps and 1 SS
CCMs: None
Plate #: 1A (Tk.3.50 and Tk.10) and 1B (40p and Tk.5)
Sheet: 50
Quantity printed: 250,000 of each value
Quantity of SS printed: 125,000
Designer: Harrison & Sons, Ltd., England
Printer: Harrison & Sons Ltd., England
FDC: Yes. Commemorative postmark. One for the set of stamps and one for the souvenir sheet. Envelopes and cachets are the same for both. SAME size?
Pmks. Stamps: Chittagong, Dacca
Pmks. SS: Khulna. Dacca (black and purple)
Insert: White card stock, printed in black.

Two First Day Covers prepared by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale for the four Bangladesh stamps issued on June 15th, 1978. The reverse of the envelopes state in English and French that this is a genuine Bangladesh FDC and the original artwork was created for this limited edition cover.

78-15 40p Alan Cobham’s DH50, 1926
78-16 Tk.2.25 Capt. Hans Bertram’s Junkers W33, Atlantis
78-17 Tk.3.50 Wright brothers’ plane
78-18 Tk.5 Concorde
4 stamps

CCMs: Yes
Plate #: 1A and 1B
Sheet: 50
Quantity printed: Unknown
Designer: Ahmed Fazlul Karim
Printer: Harrison & sons Ltd., England
FDC: Yes. Two postmarks exist. Type I is a generic circular one that reads “FIRST DAY OF ISSUE/15 JUNE 1978/DACCA BANGLADESH”. Type II is circular and reads ” FIRST DAY OF ISSUE/75th/Anniversary/of First/Powered Flight/15TH JUNE 78/(appropriate city)-BANGLADESH”.
A private set of two FDCs was created for the Federation Aeronautique Internationale for La Collection de Timbres de L’histoire d L’aviation. Each cover bears two of the stamps and each cover has a different engraved cachet. The reverse of each cover has information regarding the Certificate of Authenticity for the covers. It is in English and French. These covers are cancelled with the Type II postmark. If one examines the postmarks (Type II) on the two private covers and that on the government issued cover, the private covers appear to have a postmark that was applied under pressure as it slightly indents the stamps and even the back of the envelope and flap. The government cover does not, plus the “7” in “78” appears smaller. The Khulna cover appears to be worn and not as neat in appearance.
Pmks. Type I: Dacca
Type I I: Chittabong, Dacca (Private cover), Dacca , Khulna
Insert: Light gray card stock printed in black. Quantity printed not given.

While there were a few circular FIRST DAY OF ISSUE cancellations used on previous First Day Covers of commemorative issues, it now becomes standard for a couple of years. Never-the-less, there were a few commemortive cancellations that were used during this period.
This value of the two stamp set has the Plate Number in the upper lert corner of the sheet and the CCMs along the top in the middle of the sheet. The other value has the CCMs on the left top side margin and the Plate Number on the bottom left side of the sheet.

78-19 40p Holy Ka’aba, Mecca
78-20 Tk.3.50 Pilgrims at Mt. Arafat
2 stamps

CCMs: Yes
Plate #: 1A
Sheet: 50
Quantity printed: Unknown
Designer: Ahmed Fazlul Karim
Printer: John Waddington of Kirkstall Ltd., UK
FDC: Yes. Circular Generic Postmark “FIRST DAY OF ISSUE (star) city (star) 9 Nov 1978 across center.
Pmks.: Bogra, Dacca, Chittagong
Insert: Gray cardstock, printed in black.

Because of the similarity of the drawings of the stamps to issued stamps, it is believed that this was a proposal for a brochure about 1978.

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