Until this letter was discovered in the trash, and saved by a dealer in waste paper, there was no written record available to anyone that Asher printed some of the first revenue stamps for Bangladesh. Of course, there is the possiblilty that the printer’s name was printed at the bottom of each sheet of stamps, as in the Asher definitive stamps, but apparently no one who might be aware of this has recorded it. In both the Barefoot catalog and this catalog there are many blank spaces when it comes to determining who printed many of the revenue stamps.

The letter, written in late 1979, would be referring to the stamps printed for 1980, or possibly 1981, but it seems more likely for 1980. What is interesting is the letter lists several denominations that have not been recorded. Either they were not used by the government, or have mistakingly not yet been recorded by collectors.

Asher & Company went out of the stamp printing business in 1985 and the company was purchased by another and then there were later mergers, etc. It is doubtful the records for that period still exist.

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